Frequently asked questions

How do I get to Ofu, Manu'a?

Option 1: Fly with Samoa Airway to Fitiuta, Manu'a. Then take a boat from Ta'u to Ofu. Flight Days to Fitiuta are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for every week. Option 2: Fly directly to Ofu with Samoa Airway. Flight days to Ofu are on Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly.

Is there a transportation from Fitiuta Airport to the boat in Ta'u?

Yes! We can arrange for someone to transport you to the wharf. However, a $20 fee will be collected by the driver.

What days of the week does Samoa Airway flies to Fitiuta?

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

What days of the week does Samoa Airway flies to Ofu?

They just recently started flying to Ofu on Tuesdays. So now, Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

How do I arrange for the boat to travel between the two islands?

We can arrange the boat to transport you in between the two islands. We need confirmation on your dates of arrival and departure.

How much is the cost to travel between the two islands by boat?

Due to the remote of our islands and rising price of gasoline, a one way trip costs $150 for two people. If there are three or more people traveling by boat please contact us by email for more information.

Which option in getting to Ofu saves me money?

The inexpensive route is to fly directly to Ofu. Just traveling between the two islands would cost $150 one way (if youre traveling alone or with someone). We recommend our guests to take the direct flight to Ofu and especially now there are two flight days for Ofu. If you are more into adveture and the experience of taking the boat then taking the route from Fitiuta is right for you.

Is there a transportation for me from Ofu Airport/ Wharf to the Inn?

Yes, our pick ups and drop offs to Ofu Airport/ Wharf are FREE! If you need a ride to get around the island then we can for a fee of $10 per trip.

Do you serve meals?

Yes we do! We always ask our guests if they have any preferences. Because the boat takes trips to Ofu from Pago twice a month. So, we would like to know in a timely manner so we can be prepared.

Do you have AC at your inn?

Yes we do! We understand that it gets unbelievably hot here in Manu'a. We want to make your time in Manu'a enjoyable and most comfortable.

What are your rates for lodging?

Although we post normal rates on our website we do have seasonal rates if our inn is a bit slow in the year. We encourage potential visitors to contact us for our lodging rates. Our usual rate for loding is $75 for single room and $85 for a double room. If you do stay for more than three nights then its $65 for single room and $75 for a double room.

Do you charge a room per night or per person?

We do charge a room per night. We have either "single rooms" for one person and"double rooms" for two or more people. The rate for a double room starts at $85 for two people. $10 is added to an additional adult. The limit amount of people for one room is four. Please contact us for more information.